Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mac Error Code 0

This error appears on Mac OS during file copy operation. The error is common on file systems such as FAT, FAT32, New Technology File System (NTFS) or Unix File System (UFS).

Reformat the concerning drive with Mac Standard HFS Plus system to get ideal results. Mac Standard HFS Plus is native file system which does not lead said error.

Troubleshooting Instructions:

·         Check Hard Disk Format
·         Format the Hard Disk with HFS Plus File System
·         Repair Disk Permissions

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Format the Hard Disk with HFS Plus File System

Basically your problem is that the file system you’re currently using is different than the one supported by Mac OS. Your current file system restricts transfer of files exceeding the limit of 4GB. In other words, files larger than 4GB cannot be transferred.

The solution is simple- use the native file system in Mac. The native file system in Mac is compatible with larger files. Hence you can easily transfer the files without getting any error.

1.       Click on the installation drive.
2.       Click Finder | File | Get Info.
3.       You can see name of the file system of the selected drive..

If the file system of the selected drive is different than HFS Plus, follow the steps given below:

1.       Back all your important data to an External Hard Disk. All data stored on the current hard disk will be erased.
2.       Click Utilities | Disk Utilities.
3.       Select the drive you would like to format.
4.       Click the Erase button.
5.       An option will appear prompting you the file system. Choose “Mac OS Extended” the “Volume Format” drop down box.
6.       Click the Erase button.

Repair Disk Permissions

If the current file system is Mac OS Extended, it’s definitely an issue with the Read/ Write Permissions. In simple words, you do not have necessary permissions to access, modify or read the file. Ensure the read/ write permissions are provided.

1.       Open Finder and right click on the Hard Disk Drive icon.
2.       Click Get Info.
3.       Select your hard disk from the left hand side panel.
4.       Click the Repair Disk Permissions button.
5.       Follow the on-screen instructions.

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