Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fix BioShock Infinite Lag

BioShock Infinite is a first person shooter game. An interesting thing is that many people have been experiencing severe lags with it. It freezes a lot, makes it almost impossible to play reliably. Input delays, hard to move the cursor/ position, no quick response make it annoying.

If you’re encountering the same problem, please follow the steps given below:

1. Optimize Services
2. Clean-Up CPU for Enough Ventilation
3. Change Game Configs
4. Turn VSYNC Off
5. Lower the Screen Resolution

Optimize Services

Services are nothing but small components of the programs that continuously run in background. More services, higher the CPU usage.

In your case the CPU is highly used for background services. To fix BioShock Infinite lag stop unnecessarily services using a Services Optimizer software.

2. Install and run the program.
3. Under “Optimize Services” section, click the “Optimize” button.
4. A drop down list appears. Select the services profile that suits your needs.
5. Apply the changes.

Clean-Up CPU for Enough Ventilation

It is equally important to ensure enough ventilation for all the CPU components. If there is dust, please clean-it-out. Use a brush, a soft cloth to do so.

1. First of all, turn off your machine. Switch off the electricity supply and unplug the power cable.
2. Open CPU Cabinet using a star-screw driver.
3. Use a brush and soft cloth to clean-out all the CPU components.
4. Switch on your computer to fix BioShock Infinite lag.

Change Game Configs

In case of BioShock Infinite the game configurations are located in the My Documents directory. Changing the texture related settings may help fix BioShock Infinite lag.

1. Click Start | My Documents.
2. Double click My Games\BioShock Infinite\XGame.
3. Right click the “Config” file, select Open With | Notepad.
4. Add following command under “Steam” section-
5. Click File | Save.
6. Close the file.

Turn VSYNC Off

BioShock Infinite lags when VSYNC feature is turned on. For a limited number of systems VSYNC feature does not work properly. Disabling this feature would fix BioShock Infinite lag.

1. Go to Game Options.
2. Set VSYNC to Disabled.
3. Save settings and restart the game.

Lower the Screen Resolution

Fix BioShock Infinite lag by lowering your screen resolution. The screen resolution which you have been using might be not compatible with the game requirements. Lower it to fix your problem.

1. Right click your desktop.
2. Select Screen Resolution option.
3. Control Panel window appears.
4. Select a lower screen resolution under “Resolution” drop down box.
5. Click Apply | OK.

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