Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Error 498 in Android

Android error 498 comes up while downloading apps on Android Smartphones. Apps you download from Google Play fails in middle. Following error message appears on the screen:

"An error (#498) has occurred while communicating with the server, reload.”

Fix Error 498 w/ Android App

This article contains troubleshooting tweaks to fix above error. Follow the steps given below:


1.      Wait and try again
2.      Clean your Device Cache   
3.      Erase Market Data
4.      Scan your Device for Viruses
5.      Restore Smartphone to Factory Settings

Wait and Try Again

Error 498 occurs if the Google Play servers are under maintenance. This is a technical problem from the server side; you have no way to fix it. Wait and try again at a later time.

Clean Device Cache

Device cache contents can be corrupt. Corrupt cache file lead Android error 498. Otherwise the total memory allocated to the device cache might have been fully used. You might need to extend cache limit. Follow the solution steps given below to clean the cache:

 Fix Android Error 498

·         Open your device.
·         Go to Settings | Storage.
·         Tap Cache Data.
·         You will be prompted to confirmation message. Tap OK.
·         Clean the cache contents. You shall now able to download the app without problem.
Erase Market Data

Android error 498 might occur due to messed up market data. Market data might be not stored in a proper manner or the contents are corrupted. Erase the market data to fix this problem. Here’s how:

·         Press Menu button from the main screen.
·         Tap Setting | Applications | Manage Applications | All | Market.
·         Tap Clear Data.

Scan your Device for Viruses

Error 498 may also occur because of virus infection. You need to scan your device for viruses. Follow the procedure given below to download anti-virus program and to scan the device for viruses:

·         Download an antivirus program from the following link:
·         Install the program and run it.
·         Detect and clean viruses.

Restore Smartphone to Factory Settings

Android error 498 can be resolved by restoring factory default settings. Please take backup of your device data before you proceed. Save it on an external memory card. Then restore your Smartphone to factory default settings

Follow the steps given below to restore your Android Smartphone to factory default settings:

·         Tap menu button from the main screen.
·         Go to Settings | Personal data.
·         Tap Factory data Reset.
·         Tap Reset Phone and then erase everything.
·         Your Smartphone will shutdown and restart automatically.
·         You have now restored your smartphone to the factory default settings. This will resolve the pesky error.


Anonymous said...

which market do i click? there are 2 options: Market updater and Market Feedback Agent?

Anonymous said...

There are 2 options on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace 2), which one do i click? Market Updater or Market Feedback Agent. Plz help!