Monday, January 20, 2014

Android Apps 2014

It’s been a year of good news for Android smartphone users. Many cool apps are introduced to improve the user experience. Here are some cool apps that we found useful for you:
1. Waze
This app requires you to have a GPS technology. You’ll get real-time images of the roads around you. Open it, specify a destination while you’re seating in a car. It automatically detects quickest route for you with relevant information such as average road speed, traffic information, nearest petrol stations and user-reported incidents such as accidents.

2. BBC News
BBC News provides timely news updates to your Android smartphone. It’ll provide day’s top stories with a tailor on the home screen. It gives you control over different notifications, feeds and you can customize the way they are displayed.

3. Flickr
Flickr is a kind of photography app. It lets you store many photos up to terabyte of space without any charges or hidden fees. It provides an easy platform to upload photographs, on social media sites including Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. In addition to online storage, you’ll be able to email photos to your friends without compromising your privacy.

4. Google Drive
Many of you might be aware about Google Docs, one of the widely used document sharing platform. Google Drive is powered to view, modify and create documents. It also lets you share them with your colleagues.

5. Around Me
This app is all about identifying nearby services and shops. It’s very helpful while travelling. You’ll get long list of coffee shops, hotels, car parks, banks, ATM machines, pharmacies, petrol pumps, supermarkets, cinemas, theatres around you.