Wednesday, February 3, 2016

3 Reasons to Remove Duplicate Photos from Windows 10

Selfie-maniacs and even the amateur photography lovers often face the problem of duplicate photos in their PCs. This is nothing short of a digital crisis as your system gets more susceptible to errors and disorganization if you are not deleting the duplicate pictures hiding in your system. 

How do images get copied and occupy so much space in Windows? Its not a secret anymore that the Microsoft Windows is a welcome abode to identical files. The operating system is engineered this way. It stores photos in multiple locations and in multitude of formats. This gives rise to the problem of same photos getting saved on the hard-drives. 

Besides Windows being the culprit, PC users are themselves to blame as well for making a room for redundant files. Poor habit of saving files without assigning proper names and placing them in the accurate folders causes the files to get duplicated. When we download files from web or save data from an external storage device the same situation is encountered. 

Photos collection shall be organized not only to clean disk but also to sort out pictures easily. It also minimizes risk of data corruption and several other computer errors. 

Here are top 3 benefits of cleaning duplicate photos:

Wipe out unnecessary data

If you are ready to clean your system from duplicate files, you would have to use a duplicate photo cleanup utility. This would help you perform hours-long job in minutes. Human intelligence is not capable to work faster and accurate when it comes to detecting the duplicate content of the photos. A duplicate photo finder tool would not only check the images by their names but it would also check for the pixel-related content. This technology is essential for proper identification of duplicate photos. Using such a software you can easily wipe out unnecessary data and create more space in your Windows. You can use this space to save more data.  

Better organization of photos

Data organization is quintessential to your entertainment needs. A cluttered PCs with 1000s of duplicate pictures does not only run slower but also make it difficult for you to manage your photos. 

Data storage and backup

You can take backup of the photos and upload them to your desired cloud-backup utility. A duplicate photo finder tool would allow you to move duplicate files from one folder to another which makes data backup job easier. You can also save money by creating more storage space in your internal and external hard disks. 

If you are looking to clean tons of duplicate photos from your PC? Try the IBM Business partner tool Clone Files Checker.